Electronic Music From Edmonton

Purity Ring and Faunts are two of the most interesting bands to emerge from Edmonton in the last 20 years. They play different styles of music, but are both working hard to represent our city.

The two members of Purity Ring describe their music as “future pop.” Their 2010 debut Shrines stunned critics (and earned them Best New Music praise from Pitchfork) and made Billboard’s Top 40 chart within a week of release. Since then, they’ve released Another Eternity and have begun work on a third studio album. The synth-pop duo played a free show in Churchill Square in summer 2018.

Reviewing Faunts’ sophomore release for Pitchfork, Stuart Berman called the album characteristic of Edmonton itself, citing its “austere presentation that effectively puts the ‘ice’ in isolation” as well as its “infus[ion] with beautifully melancholic melodies that beg for the thaw.” That’s high praise but it perfectly describes Faunts’ music, which is at once restrained and evocative.