Edmonton’s “Beer League” Band Makes Waves

For most that have played an instrument in the high school band, the instruments that were once played tend to never be touched again after graduation. Some hold on to that passion, though, such as Lindsey Kemp of Edmonton. She had been a music teacher after finishing college, but had to put her career on hold. Her son has undergone many health problems, which requires much of her free time.

As a way to get back into music and take her mind off of any troubles for a brief period, she and conductor Darwin Krips had an idea. They formed a band that meets at a local high school once a week, with many of Kemp’s former students taking part. They call it the Beer League Band, and for Kemp, it’s been helpful for her personally. “It’s kind of an escape from the stress of all the medical stuff that’s happened,” she said.

The Beer League Band has helped former students rekindle their love for music, while others have been given an avenue to continue playing. After their rehearsals started to become more polished, the group then took their act on stage. Now, they’re playing concerts in Edmonton as they continue to improve their craft. It’s been more than a decade removed for some of the players, but the main aspect for Kemp and her band is to have fun and work as a group that supports one another.