Is Cannabis Industry Receiving Right Regulations in Edmonton?

When recreational marijuana became legal in Canada, Edmonton became one of the cities that saw the most new legal use almost instantly. However, not everyone in Edmonton has experienced benefits from cannabis being legal, including Joan Kapuscinski. The Edmonton woman had used prescription drugs for many years due to suffering from health problems such as insomnia and fibromyalgia, and decided to try cannabis through a medicinal license.


Kapuscinski has said, though, that the cannabis in Edmonton isn’t being properly regulated, lacking quality control on a local and national scale. Federal government has disagreed with Kapuscinski, saying that the quality control in cities like Edmonton goes through some of the stringent details for any type of drug use. Not only in Canada, they say, but throughout the entire world. For that reason, the government has declared that cannabis in Canada remains a safe option.


In her personal experience, Kapuscinski said that using cannabis at first was very beneficial, helping her to reduce pain and not spend hours each night trying to fall asleep. When she tried cannabis a handful of times, she says that’s when the problems start. Her mind wasn’t allowing her to fall asleep, Kapuscinski said, and was “vibrating” when trying to fall asleep. She admits that she’s not an expert in cannabis, but believes that companies in Edmonton might be sending out the wrong orders.


“I’m afraid to order again, because what am I going to get this time?” she said. “I don’t know, so I have nothing. I’ve had nothing for quite a while now.” The company in charge of many of the licenses throughout Edmonton, Vindica Cannabis Corporation, says that Kapuscinski receiving the wrong cannabis isn’t possible with the strict regulations. The systems put into place are said to help avoid any errors, and that “The wine and alcohol industry is not even close to being regulated as heavily as cannabis is. In terms of the safety of the product, I think we’re in a really good place.”


While it’s certainly possible that Kapuscinski could’ve received the wrong order, it mostly comes down to personal experience when using medicinal cannabis. With the way that the regulations have been installed in Canada, it seems that not many are experiencing the same problems that Kapuscinski has gone through.