Local Biotech Company Making Consumer Products Safer

While you might not think about the possible chemicals that you’re putting in your body with everyday products, scientists are still active in trying to find the safest ways to create the products that we use. This includes everything from cosmetics to prescription drugs, which is what Edmonton-based Ceapro, Inc. has been focusing on. Recently, Ceapro announced that there have been new developments in their technology.

This newest development is known as the Pressurized Gas eXpanded Technology, which is also known as GPX. According to Ceapro CEO Gilles Gagnon, the PGX Technology is capable of creating “tunable nanoporous water-soluble biopolymer delivery systems for bioactives,” adding that the use of PGX has “unique properties obtained with processed compounds and especially the increased surface area allowing for inclusion of other biomaterial.”

The plan is to use the PGX Technology for cosmetics, pharmaceutics and even in beverages and food. Ceapro hopes that active ingredients can be more effective with this technology, making pharmaceutics more effective and safe. This includes beta glucan, which is used in drugs that fight against diseases such as diabetes, cancer and HIV.