City’s Roads Suffering on a Regular Basis

Over the past several years, you may have noticed that when making the commute to work that you end up hitting a big pothole while driving, or nearly tripping on the sidewalk if you’re more of the walking type. It’s no mystery that Edmonton’s roads aren’t going through the types of repairs that they’ve needed, but it doesn’t seem like there are many within the government that are willing to pay to fix them. The hot topic has become a big point of contention for those that want to see a change made to the roads.


Edmonton already has plans to invest billions of dollars into the infrastructure of the city over the course of the next generation, but even that might not be enough. Many feel that having to deconstruct many of the roads throughout Edmonton is going to be more costly than it would be to simply build a new one. Because of this, residents can expect to see an increase in taxes to help pay for the rebuild of the roads that they might not even drive on at all.


Some of the politicians have said that the budget crunch is due to the population of the city. While Edmonton covers a wide area, there are fewer than one million residents that have an address within the city limits. For reference, Edmonton has a larger land area than the city of Chicago, Illinois, but Chicago has a population of more than 2.7 million. This allows for the Windy City to have plenty of residents to pay the taxes necessary to keep road construction moving on a consistent basis.


So what is the solution for coming up with enough money to make sure that Edmonton’s roads are being properly fixed? According to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, developing more commercial areas and building new homes and apartments is the key. They also mentioned that increasing the taxes still wouldn’t put Edmonton far ahead of other major cities in the country in terms of rates, though a raise is something they want to avoid.


According to the Chamber, planning needs to be put into place to make sure that Edmonton’s residents aren’t experiencing a high tax hike. If new residents can be brought to the city, it could help put an end to the problems that the infrastructure has been experiencing. While you might not want a new neighbor right now, it could mean that you’re not paying more money each year or running over a deep pothole in your car.