The topic of climate change is something that has been hotly contested from all sides of the conversation. You don’t see many people say that climate change is a good thing, but one billboard in Edmonton is pointing out possible benefits. The billboard, which has a logo from the University of Alberta, says that it’s not all bad.

“Beefier barley,” the billboard reads. “Climate change will boost Alberta’s barley yield with less water, feeding more cattle.” It turns out that the billboard is part of a campaign by the school called Truth matters. A member of the university said that the campaign “features several research discoveries made by University of Alberta researchers in a variety of areas.”

It did open up the conversation for people in Edmonton and around the world that saw the billboard on the internet. “It’s not wrong,” one person said. “There are benefits to climate change for Albertans, there are also downsides, but with (a) process as complex as climate change there’s bound to be benefits and drawbacks. Even if it’s a net negative. We can’t just mitigate the…use of CO2, it’s too late, there are effects that we must research and adapt to.”