Flying can be a huge pain for a lot of people. Sometimes you miss connections due to delays or your flight can be completely cancelled altogether. Missing out on a honeymoon is one of the most inconvenient things that you can imagine when it comes to flying, and one Edmonton couple had to face that.

Shortly after getting married, Chelsea Williamson and her husband were about to start their honeymoon. They relied on WestJet to get them to their destination in Italy, and they had checked in. WestJet told them that the aircraft was being swapped out, and since they had to wait for several hours, they didn’t arrive during the first day of their honeymoon.

Chelsea and her husband, naturally, were displeased. They took to the Canadian Transportation Agency in hopes of getting compensation. It wasn’t a quick process, but they ultimately got what they were looking for. Because of their delay, WestJet ended up settling with the newlyweds, giving them a total of $1,800 for their troubles. “By WestJet coming forward and saying we were denied boarding, it may set some precedent,” Chelsea said.

The airline also offered a statement. “Guest care is central to our brand and fundamental to our business and following an internal investigation, we recognized that we failed to meet our obligations to these guests.”