Man Feared For Safety From Woman in Edmonton Cycling Club

Clubs are a great way to meet new people, especially when it comes to physical activity like cycling where you can encourage each other to push yourselves and achieve new goals. The people that you meet at clubs like this often becoming close friends, which makes sense as these people have similar interests. For one Edmonton man, though, he met someone that caused him to fear for his life.

Murray Buchanan is in his late 50s and joined a cycling club in Edmonton, while 22 year old Amanda Mae Wowk also joined the club. Buchanan’s wife also met Wowk, and the two were exercising together. They had become friends, but Wowk felt that the Buchanans weren’t in a happy marriage. Wowk felt that both parties would be better off if they were divorced.

The way that Wowk went about it, though, was highly illegal. The Buchanans started to receive phone calls from a blocked number with automated voices saying Murray was being unfaithful and that they should separate. The calls kept coming, even after they changed their phone numbers. The calls, along with emails and texts, kept coming and they were getting more vulgar. The Buchanans naturally called the police to investigate.

The police looked into the matter and were able to trace the messages to Wowk’s computer and phone. They then arrested her, charging Wowk with both fraudulent impersonation and criminal harassment. Wowk admitted to the crimes, pleading guilty in front of a judge and will be awaiting sentencing. It was a surprise for the Buchanans to find that a family friend was responsible. “Until the day before her arrest, Mr. and Ms. Buchanan were unaware and did not suspect that Ms. Wowk was the person responsible for the offense,” the court said.