Daughter’s Death Spurs Edmonton Woman to Help Others

Kristi Schienmann was just 30 years old when she tragically had her life taken away in north Edmonton by her own husband. Afterward, the husband was convicted of manslaughter, and was sentenced to nearly a decade in jail. While the case became a big topic in Edmonton, it took quite some time to realize that Brenda Schienmann had had her daughter taken away at a very young age. Having to attend the courtroom to see her son-in-law on trial for killing her daughter wasn’t easy, especially as Krist “was the sunshine of our family and the sparkle. She always had a smile and always made us laugh.”


After the trial had ended what had been the hardest time in Schienmann’s life, she decided that her daughter’s death should be used to help those that have been in similar situations. With that, Schienmann helped to establish a charity that would donate to the Wings of Providence shelter for women in Edmonton, which allows those that have been the victims of domestic violence to find shelter in a safe place.


The attention that the case brought helped many become aware of the shelter, which had a need for more funding in hopes of building a new facility that would be used to help children. The money that Schienmann helped to raise was very beneficial according to Wings, saying that the children would have the funding necessary to meet with counselors and speak in groups about their lives “with each other in a very safe environment.”


For Brenda Schienmann, she helped to establish the facility by being able to use her daughter’s sense of decor to design the facility. She said that Kristi wanted a place in which “people could come in and feel like they could put their feet up on the couch,” hoping to find some comfort where they hadn’t received it before. Schienmann added that for victims of domestic violence, there are places out there where people can go, and the facility that she helped to establish is among them.