Edmonton University Part of Groundbreaking Divorce Study

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce from your spouse, you may want to hold onto those feelings and ride it out for a while. At least, that’s what the University of Alberta is saying after a study conducted alongside Brigham Young University. The study shows that people who have considered getting a divorce at one point during their marriage have tended to change their feelings after one year’s time.

The study posed the question to thousands of couples that have been married for at least one year, and between the ages of 25 and 50. A quarter of those surveyed said that they considered divorcing their spouse at one point in the six months leading up to the study. When asked again in a follow-up survey after one year, around 50 percent of participants said that they had a change of heart.

Adam Galovan of the University of Alberta said that a lot of these couples “just need some time,” and that “marriage has its ebbs and flows.” Only a handful of the participants that said that they considered divorce actually went through with their feelings, showing that plenty were willing to go with those ebbs and flows.