Abandoned Dog a “Happy Boy” in New Home

On November 3, 2018, a good Samaritan made an upsetting discovery. A small Shih Tzu-type dog was found abandoned in a northwest Edmonton Costco parking lot. He was inside a cardboard box which was then placed inside a tied-up garbage bag. It was clear that the dog, named Wyatt, had been neglected for some time: he was thin, his claws were overgrown, and his matted hair was filthy with urine and excrement.

Wyatt was taken into the care of the Edmonton Humane Society and nursed back to health while attempts were made to locate his original owner(s). EHS received dozens of tips, but did not reunite Wyatt with his old family for undisclosed reasons. Over the weekend of December 15-16, the dog was adopted into a “forever home”; EHS reported in a Facebook post that he had been renamed Gus, that “he is playful and cuddly,” and that they “can’t believe that he is such a happy boy considering what he’s been through.”

In a 2017 opinion piece for The Globe and Mail, Jessica Scott-Reid characterizes dog-dumping as an epidemic in Canada. She faults irresponsible owners, unethical breeders, and lax animal-welfare laws for the frequency with which dogs are “dumped like trash, in forests, in parks, on roadsides and in actual trash.” “Dogs were domesticated by humans, and are now our responsibility,” she said, “but many Canadians still regard man’s supposed best friend as mere objects, to be bought, reproduced, sold and thrown away.”

If you’re interested in adopting an animal in need, you can contact the Edmonton Humane Society by phone by dialing 780-491-3500 or by email at [email protected]