Edmonton Experiments With Edible Playground

When you think of playgrounds, you’re probably assuming that it’s mainly just structures for children to play on. One school in Edmonton, though, is now experimenting with a playground that you can eat. That’s right, edible playgrounds might become a thing of the future, and Edmonton is leading the charge.

At Waldorf Independent School in Edmonton, volunteers have assembled an edible playground that will be used as an educational tool for food. Kenton Zerbin is in charge of the playground and said that “It’s about turning a space that doesn’t have a whole lot of function, other than for kids to run around, into a space that the kids can grow from, learn from and eat from.” This includes dozens of new plants that will produce fruits and vegetables.

“It’s supposed to prepare you for life,” Zerbin added. “But a lot of people leave the school system without knowing a whole lot about food.” Zerbin hopes that the children who use the playground will be able to learn how to grow their own food. He says that it’s an education that’s a necessity for children once they become adults.

“It’s critical we have food in our environments again and around our homes,” Zerbin said. “It’s the best way to get it, the closest way to get it, the most ethical way to get it and the healthiest.” If it catches on, the program is likely to expand throughout Canada. “It’s bringing people together,” one volunteer with the program said. “And getting people’s hands dirty and getting them to reconnect with the land and each other.”