Could Edmonton See the Olympics in the Future?

Back in 1988, the Olympics was held in Alberta for the first time as Calgary was selected as the host city for the winter games. However, Edmonton didn’t host events during that time, continuing to be one of the largest cities that’s never hosted an Olympics. Now, there are talks that Calgary could get another Olympic event, this time with Edmonton hoping to be involved. With buildings such as the Rogers Place that would certainly be able to hold events such as hockey, speed skating and figure skating, it seems like a natural fit to have a duel bid between both Edmonton and Calgary.


When Calgary first noted that they were interested in having the Olympics return to their city, officials said that many of the buildings that were built in the late 1980s for their first time as host would be renovated and used again. They also mentioned that there wouldn’t be many new buildings, as Edmonton can offer new facilities without costing taxpayers in Calgary millions for the new structures.


An Olympics coming back to Calgary would mean more events throughout all of Alberta, as well, with Canmore and Whistler also providing possible venues for a future Olympic games. It seems that the province hosting an Olympics is not a question of if, but rather when. It could be several years before plans even need to start being put into place, although it appears the city of Edmonton has a desire to host Olympic events.


Details about money and venues need to be worked out, though initial talks have the Rogers Place hosting curling events. Though the crowds aren’t as feverous for curling as they are for hockey, it would still be quite the sight to have any type of Olympic event in Edmonton. With sponsors and investors already lining up to have Olympics in Edmonton for the first time, it might be sooner rather than later for such an event.