There’s no doubt that we’re living in some difficult times, and we could all use something to lift our spirits every now and then. If you happen to make your way between 105 Avenue and 124 Street, there’s one man that wants to make your day a bit brighter. His name is Rolland Sarasin, and making people happy with a simple gesture is basically his full time job.

Sarasin will sit outside on his porch for several hours per day, and waves at each and every single person that goes by his house. “Every day, people walk by, drive by, they smile, they wave, they honk their horns,” he said, becoming a bit of a local legend in the process. “It warms my heart…it’s rewarding.” So rewarding, in fact, that Sarasin won’t even get bored by sitting on his porch throughout the day.

“It’s like the Indianapolis 500 sometimes,” he said of the excitement that he gets. “With the Lamborghinis and Porsches and Ferraris going by.” They all want to see Sarasin, and he’s happy to oblige them with a smile and a wave. It’s made a big impact on a lot of people, too, looking for that glimmer of positivity.

“I had one fellow, he drove by, he smiled and waved, he went around the block and came back and he stopped and he did say, ‘Thank you for bringing joy to the community.” One of those people that goes by Sarasin’s house regularly is Connie Johnson, who said that Sarasin is “Brightening up people’s days, it’s just putting smiles on people’s faces and sending some love out into the world. He’s just demonstrating what we can all be doing throughout our day, which is beautiful, just a smile.”