Back in May of 2017, NBC debuted their newest reality competition series, this time with a focus on dance. “World of Dance”, which features hosts Jenna Dewan and Scott Evans, as well as judges like Jennifer Lopez, has been a big hit for the general public, and has a lot of dancers lining up to make their way to the stage and international spotlight. Now, the city of Edmonton will be represented by a pair of twins that have excelled in the field.

Ethan and Ayden Valdriz, along with Saskatoonnative Dayton Paradis, formed a dance trio called the Itty Bitty Crew. The Valdriz twins are just 13 years old, meaning that their entrance into the show is a highly impressive one (though that would be true despite their age). The two have wanted to be part of the show since its debut, and were accepted when they tried out in Los Angeles, California.

“It was amazing because we got to meet dancers that we look up to like on social media and that are really big in the dance industry,” Ethan said. To get ready for the competition, the Itty Bitty Crew trained hard in Edmonton, and are hoping that they get plenty of exposure by being on the NBC series.

When asked about their ultimate goal, it’s not about winning, Ayden said. “Maybe getting into the dance industry just like the dancers we look up to,” he noted. “We hope to be them one day and have more opportunities in L.A. He added that dance is important, because it “Just makes me more confident as a person. It changes up my personality and I love doing it.” If they win the grand prize, the dance trio is looking at a grand prize of $1 million, which would take them a very long way.