Out of every 100 births, only three of them result in multiple children. It can be twins, triplets, quadruplets or more, they all fall into the multiple births category. When this happens, those that haven’t seen twins or other multiples before might turn their heads. One person that knows this all too well is Edmonton resident Morgana Naclia. “I’ve had people cross the street to ask me if my twins are twins,” she said. “People are obsessed with twins.”

It’s not easy to handle two children of the exact same age at the same time, but Naclia says that the questions that she receives about having twins can also be a bit draining. “Everybody comes up to you and makes it sound like you’re living in a personal hell,” she said. “Yes my hands are full, but so is my heart.” That’s when Naclia decided to join the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club, and eventually became the organization’s leader.

The group participates with Multiple Births Canada, raising awareness through events such as National Multiple Births Awareness Day. This charity has been able to provide resources on how to manage finances when handling multiple births (especially unexpected ones), as well as classes on how to prepare healthwise. 

“I think that that’s one of the biggest things when you find out you’re having multiples, especially if you don’t know anybody in that circumstance,” Naclia said when she found out that she was pregnant with twins, turning toward the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club. “It’s very isolating (being pregnant with multiples). And the club was a savior for me, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”