Edmonton Prison Escapees Arrested in Escape Room

When it comes to crime, there seems to be almost no shortage of irony. One of the most on-the-nose cases that you’ll ever see comes right from Edmonton, too. After escaping from prison, two young women were arrested when they placed themselves into an escape room. For those not familiar, an escape room is where you have to work as a team to solve puzzles to get yourself out of a locked room.

It seemed like a piece of cake for Kelsie Mast and Samantha Toope, both in their early 20s. They were being imprisoned in the Edmonton Institution for Women when they scaled the fence at night and disappeared. Within just one day of their breakout, both of the women went to an escape room in downtown Edmonton. What they didn’t know, though, was that a resident that was downtown had noticed the two, and called police as they walked into their own prison.

There was good reason, too, as the Edmonton Police Department had issued a warning about the duo, noting their history of violence. When the police arrived, the escapees were already locked inside of the room, and the police entered with the help of the escape room management. Both were arrested without incident after that, heading back to the prison where they escaped from.