The Edmonton International Film Festival doesn’t just bring movie creators from around the world, but also from right here in the city. Over the course of over a week, the festival features those that are trying to get wider releases for their films and possibly even Oscar consideration. Kerrie Long is from the area, and is producing the festival.

Long says that while there are many films, she suggests seeing the ones that aren’t already set to be wide releases. “Dip your toe in the festival,” she says. This includes watching shorter features, especially animated ones. “I think filmmakers just want people to see their films,” she said. “So just explore and meet filmmakers and just show them the Edmonton love.”

Among the award hopefuls is Edmontonian Scott Townend. His feature is a documentary about women in Afghanistan being able to run marathons. “The idea that for us in North America, we don’t think twice about being able to run out in public and so to imagine there’s a place in the world where women don’t feel free to do that is the story we set out to tell,” he said. “There’s something special about showing a movie in a theatre…Everybody wants to have a big celebration around their work and celebrate with their own community.”