Flair Air Flies East

UPLOADED BY: Janet French ::: EMAIL: jfrench@postmedia.com ::: PHONE: 7804295289 ::: CREDIT: Flair Airlines ::: CAPTION: Flair Airlines has added service from Edmonton to Toronto, Kelowna and Vancouver international airports.

Flair Airlines have packed their bags and moved to Edmonton. CEO David Tait spoke highly of the city in a press release: ““As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the community (Edmonton) and the airport are uniquely positioned to support our ongoing growth.”

The airline, which was originally headquartered in Kelowna, is a low-cost alternative to mainstays like Air Canada and Westjet. The airline offers flash sales and daily deals, and charges using an à la carte approach so customers only pay for what they need. It might not have all the same amenities as the big players, but when you’re trying to travel on a budget Flair can’t be beat.