Game Developer Moves Downtown

Anyone who’s interested in video games has heard of Bioware, but they might not know the company was established and is headquartered in Edmonton. The developer is responsible for more than a couple classics of the sci-fi and fantasy genres—since 1996 they’ve been on a roll, producing masterpieces Like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect and Neverwinter Nights.

The company is clearly proud of their Edmonton roots. The face of Keith, Lead Level Designer, smiles from the brand’s website next to the following quote: “A thriving music scene, fantastic local theatre, and year-round festivals make Edmonton a great place to live.” Maybe Mass Effect’s snow planet was inspired by our city’s winters!

The studio’s most recent offering is titled Anthem; it’s a multiplayer action RPG that’s due in February 2019. Before that date, though, Bioware employees will migrate from their offices on Calgary Trail; they’ll henceforth occupy three floors of Epcor Tower instead. The move is emblematic of the revitalization of Edmonton’s core: it shows that successful, dynamic businesses are attracted to the downtown area. “BioWare’s announcement to come downtown is a great addition to our innovation corridor,” commented Don Iveson. “Their expansion speaks to Edmonton’s supportive entrepreneurial culture, one where we build it here and expand it to the world.”