In some very encouraging news, the amount of people without homes in Edmonton is falling. Not only that, but it’s declining sharply. The highest amount of homeless people in Edmonton was once over 3,000 back in 2008. It took a decade, but this year the number dropped to below 2,000 for the first time in years.

Later in the year, the amount of homeless people dropped once again to around 1,600. If the trend continues, there could only be a handful of homeless in Edmonton within the next three years. It’s something that the Homeward Trust is banking on.

Susan McGee, the CEO of the organization, says that while the numbers are good, the job isn’t done. “I can’t help but feel really good about the work those organizations are doing,” she said of people helping the homeless. “Of course, we still have a lot more work to do.”

The city’s police are also hoping to help the homeless. “The justice system isn’t going to be the answer for all these people because they just keep coming back,” said city police chief Dale Mcfee. “We need to be a connector to services that are going to get them to help.”