Cats Forgotten in Edmonton Humane Society Vehicle

The mission of any Humane Society is to ensure the wellness of all of the animals they take in and all around the city. Edmonton is no exception, but negligence has been found at the city’s Humane Society when three cats were left in a vehicle for three weeks. It doesn’t appear that there was any malicious intent, but did raise some eyebrows in Edmonton.

The Humane Society said that the Edmonton crew was picking up several animals from a different shelter, transporting them to theirs. When they were delivering the animals, three cats had hidden themselves in the vehicle’s interior, and left behind. It didn’t take just a couple of minutes or hours until it was noticed though, but rather three weeks when the vehicle was being used again for a different transfer.

Thankfully, after receiving some food and water, the cats were back to perfect health. An internal investigation admitted fault for the incident, with the Edmonton Humane Society director Jaime Caza saying the organization was “disheartened.” He added that it was a “series of unintentional events” that occurred, and that “Additional checks and balances have been put into place to make sure a situation such as this does not occur again and to minimize the risk of human error.”