Having potholes pop up in your city is something that’s just going to happen whether you like it or not when you live in a certain climate. When it gets awfully cold during the winter months and then gets warm quickly for a few months over the summer, potholes pop up left and right. This is especially true on roads that get a lot of traffic throughout the year. Edmonton is one of those cities, but how many potholes are actually popping up on a yearly basis?

It might come as a surprise to find out that roads in Alberta were among the best, coming in at below the Candian average for roads that were given poor assessment ratings. The numbers were still staggering, though, especially for Edmonton. In terms of simply patching potholes, Edmonton reported that there were 600,000 of them in total, which is about average for the city on a yearly basis.

That number is more than a lot of cities, at least in terms of potholes that they said have at least been patched, to the tune of five times more than Montreal. You can put a bandage on a massive gash, but that’s not going to help. Just taking a shovel and slapping down a bit of asphalt is a short term solution that can last as little as a couple of days before it needs to be fixed again.

As for the ones that have actually been fixed, though, more than 15,000 per year get fully fixed in Edmonton. The City of Edmonton has about a dozen asphalt trucks that work nearly 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to try and make sure that the roads of Edmonton remain among the best in Canada.

The City of Edmonton says that people who spot a pothole are urged to call 311 or use the app to let them know that there’s a pothole that needs fixing. “We send an inspector out to look at the notification when we receive it,” a spokeswoman said. “Then the inspector assesses it for size, safety, proximity, where it’s located and then it’s prioritized for repair from there.” So while there are thousands and thousands of potholes, they are being worked on consistently.