City Landmark Renamed and Sanitized

“DESIGNATED PROHIBITED AREA NO TRESPASSING.” That’s the unambiguous proclamation from a sign near the area off Saskatchewan Drive that’s come to be known as the End of the World. It’s not enough to deter the groups of young people who flock to the spot, though, even though they can be fined for doing so. The allure of seclusion and one of the best views in the city is impossible to turn down.

The city has plans to transform the controversial spot into a family-friendly public space all the way down to a new moniker: In addition to installing new safety considerations (principally a staircase), the End of the World will be rechristened Keillor Point Viewing Area. Not everyone is happy with the change, but the official consideration makes it a bona fide landmark and—here’s hoping—a safe asset for the community for years to come.