The Stanley A. Milner Library in Edmonton underwent massive renovations turning it into a centre for the community. However, there were many people that didn’t like the facelift that it received. One person that’s been on the receiving end of this criticism is Stephen Teeple, the award-winning league architect on the project.

“Total demolition wasn’t an option,” Teeple said of the design. “There’s a lot of multi-level rental design space. The library was two floors and there was a big theatre in the basement. There was some merit to it.”

The building now has a much more open feel to it. “The idea was to stretch the atrium across the face of it and for it to look almost suspended with very few columns,” Steeple added. “So we used a giant truss cutting across an entire city block that slopes from the sixth floor to the third floor and supports the whole thing with this big triangular truss so there are only three columns which branch out. You can only do this with steel.”

Teeple is hoping more people see the design from the interior of the building so they can appreciate the work more. “When you flow in from the corner you can see your whole journey,” Teeple said. “It creates a connection for the community and all the services.”