Local Farmer Donates Thousands of Kilos of Food

Many of us want to chip in and do our part to help people in the community, though it’s going to be hard to match what’s been done by one Alberta farmer. Steve Breum is the founder and owner of Gone Green Farms, and he’s now donated thousands of kilograms of his own crops to help food banks throughout the province, including Edmonton. He’s donated so much, in fact, that forklifts need to be used to carry around all of the vegetables that he’s giving away.


Around 5,000 kg of the vegetables that Breum has harvested have made their way to the food bank in Edmonton, and he made another donation in Calgary that was around the same volume. Breum takes his two acres of land where he grows crops, and has a team of charitable people that assist him in growing several different vegetables included carrots and potatoes. For the food bank, it’s been a major benefit.


According to the Edmonton Food Bank, the number of people that have been helped out by Breum’s annual harvest has reached the tens of thousands. Samantha Potkins, who works for the Food Bank, said that “A donation like this, a larger scale one from a farmer, goes a long way.” As for Breum himself, starting up his charity was more of a hobby at first.


“I just wanted to see if we could grow it a little bit and feed people with healthy food,” Breum said about the start of his charity. He pointed to his grandparents that had regularly eaten the types of vegetables he was growing as an inspiration, saying that it could certainly help people. Now, it’s become a yearly occurrence for Breum when harvest season comes around, as he gathers people to help him collect all of the vegetables to be shipped to the food banks.


In the future, Breum hopes that the amount of vegetables that he’s growing becomes too much for he and his team to handle. If he has it his way, many farms will join in assisting the farm to help with the harvest each year. Once other farms take note of Breum’s generosity, it’s likely that they’ll be willing to jump in and help the cause.