Local Treasures

Did you know that Boston Pizza (and, by extension, the vaunted pizza cake) originates from Edmonton? It’s true: the franchise started in 1964 when Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House was opened by a man named Gus Agioritis. As the chain became more and more successful (and locations began to look more like sportsbars than traditional restaurants) BPs started to pop up across the country—today there are almost 400 in operation.

Of course, Boston Pizza isn’t the only great thing that got its start in Edmonton. Booster Juice and The Brick also opened their first locations in the greater metro area. The guys responsible for Nexopia and Swype keyboard technology got their starts here too. The same goes for Michael J. Fox, Nathan Fillion and Tommy Chong. This city is home to so many vibrant businesses and talented people; who knows what the next Edmontonian success story will be?