Man Who Lost Leg Hopes Accident Raises Safety Awareness

Many people work in blue collar jobs where safety is typically the company’s top priority. Being able to keep employees safe saves lives, while also saving money for everybody involved. However, accidents do happen in the workplace, and sometimes that can be from neglect. Wade Izzard falls into that category, having lost a leg because of neglect from an Edmonton pet food company.

Izzard was handling materials in the Edmonton warehouse when his leg had gotten crushed in between a pair of forklifts. To try and stop the bleeding, Izzard made himself a tourniquet, but thought it wasn’t going to be enough. “I sent a text message to (my fiancee): basically, ‘This could be it.’ I said goodbye, that kind of thing. I said the Lord’s Prayer and that was it.”

Izzard then was rushed to the hospital where he received treatment, and was told that he was going to live. Unfortunately, it meant that Izzard would have to lose his leg, having it amputated above his knee. An investigation was launched into the accident, and it was found that the company where Izzard was working had been liable.

“The reversing forklift operator either did not see or took insufficient notice of Mr. Izzard,” the court said. Company spokeswoman Jennifer Miller called the accident “unacceptable” and that changes were going to be made. For Izzard, he’s not looking for a big payday, he just wants more people to be aware of workplace safety in Edmonton.

“I cam very, very close to dying,” Izzard said in front of a judge during Champion pet foods’ court case. “But I’m glad I made it and I’m going to move on with my life. I hope the lessons learned prevent this from happening to anyone else again.”