There are over 3,000 veterans of the military that are unfortunately facing homelessness throughout Canada, with dozens of them in the city of Edmonton. It can be hard to home the veterans through a lot of the red tape, but there is one organization that is looking to improve the lives of some of these veterans. The group is known as Homes for Heroes, and they want to build a series of micro houses that would be able to give homes to about two dozen people.

Homes for Heroes, or H4H for short, has said that there’s a one acre plot that they’ve proposed to be the spot for their series of homes that would each be 300 square feet. The first homeless veterans that would be housed are those that have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. While it’s not a fast process, it’s a big step in a good direction.

David Howard is one of the founders of H4H, and acts as the organization’s president. “I believe that we can end this (homelessness) issue in an eight to 10 year time period,” he said. Howard, when asked why the organization builds 300 square foot homes instead of larger ones, said that homeless veterans have tended to hoard a lot of belongings, which can damage their new home.

“What comes with (hoarding)? Shame,” Howard noted. “You get the shame, then they’re shutting themselves off from society. When they do that (that’s) when that guilt comes in, that can lead to drugs and alcohol.” Despite their smaller sizes, these homes do have all the amenities that people need, while also giving a sense of community with like minded people, making for an atmosphere that’s set up for success.

The city of Edmonton and its citizens have been on board with the idea, too. “The Edmonton community has been absolutely incredible,” Howard said. “Edmonton has a true passion for those that (have) served and those that continue to serve.”