Local Horse Finds Way Home After Missing For Months

It’s already known that horses can be an expensive animal to keep around, and those that have them tend to develop a close connection to their horses. When you consider a Clydesdale horse, the amount of money and love usually tends to go even higher. For the Thomas family just west of Edmonton, they were saddened to see that their beloved horse Molly had wandered away from the property.

It happened one morning, and the Thomas’ frantically started searching for Molly. Unfortunately, after several weeks, they were still unable to find her. After three months of missing, it seemed that hope was lost for the family. Then, one morning as they were on a road trip en route to Calgary, they received a call from their neighbor. Almost an hour away from their property, they were told to turn around because Molly had come back to the property.

Excitedly, they returned and found that Molly had not only come back, but she was in fantastic condition. “Somebody had her, I’m pretty sure,” Cindy Thomas said. “She’s a little bit different of a horse. She’s been brushed, she’s been groomed.” Now, Thomas is almost at the point of not letting Molly out of her sight again. “I think she almost wants a break from me already,” Thomas said. “She’s like, ‘I think I need some personal space.’”