While there are many people that love their pets, the services of spaying and neutering them can be quite expensive. The Edmonton Humane Society is now making sure that people who might not be able to afford to have their pets spayed and neutered can have that option. To do it, they’re taking the show on the road.

EHS now has a mobile unit in which pets can be spayed or neutered within the trailer. The focus for the EHS is to help those that might not have the funds or transportation needed for these services. “We are very proud to see the dream of having a mobile spay and neuter vehicle realized,” said Liza Sunley, the CEO of the Edmonton Humane Society.

The cost for the services is $50 for each dog, and only $25 for cats. The operation is in conjunction with the EHS’s project known as Prevent Another Litter Subsidy. More than 6,000 pets have been treated as a result of the program. “This mobile unit will bring us one step closer to removing (financial) barriers so that more pets can be altered,” Sunley added. “Spaying and neutering is key to proactively preventing unwanted litters and reducing the number of homeless pets that come into animal shelters like ours.”