Motivated Mayor

As Edmonton’s 35th mayor, Don Iveson has done a lot to make the city more competitive and livable since he got the job in 2013. According the biography on his website, he believes in “build[ing] the kind of city that, when the time comes, his children will never want to leave.” He’s had an immensely positive impact on Edmonton’s economy, culture and reputation, but how much do you know about the head of our municipal government?

Iveson grew up in the Parkallen neighborhood. In his youth he was a journalist, serving on his university’s student newspaper as managing editor. He was elected to Edmonton’s City Council at the young age of 28 and, since then, has worked tirelessly to promote the city at home and abroad. He holds a degree in Political Science likes sailing, Star Trek and Arcade Fire.

Iveson was preceded by Stephen Mandel, who was mayor for nine years. The next General Election will be held in 2021.