Mystery Present Opened in Edmonton After Decades of Waiting

Nobody really wants to be alone over the holidays, but that’s a situation Adrian Pearce found himself in back in 1971. While still in high school, Pearce was dating a girl named Vicki Allen, who said that she wanted to end their relationship at the time. Despite splitting up, Allen gave Pearce a present before she left. Of course, he wasn’t too thrilled, and decided to toss the present in his house, saying that he’d never open it.

After more than 40 years, the story about Allen and Pearce’s teenage love started to gather some attention on the internet. With the magic of those behind the keyboards, they were able to connect after all of those years. Their meeting would take place just north of Edmonton, with Pearce still having the present intact (even if a little worse for wear).

Upon opening the present, Pearce found that it was a book of comics called “Love Is…”, created by Kim Grove. It was an appropriate present at the time, even if Pearce didn’t know it then. “I was almost in tears because it’s such a wonderful thing,” he said. “I’m going to frame it. It’s been part of most of my life now, so I’m going to keep it there.”

Naturally, Allen couldn’t resist having a joke about how long Pearce held onto the present without opening it. “I think that’s a long time to hold a grudge,” she said. “But I’m glad he did.”