Edmontonians Fight Back Against Loud Cars

If you’re trying to sleep or work at home, there can be nothing more aggravating than hearing a car at a completely unnecessary volume drive by. You’ve likely been there, with a car that blows by your home with a volume that shakes the windows at hours of the morning that hardly anybody else is awake for. It’s inconsiderate, it’s annoying, and Edmontonians have had enough of it.

One Edmontonian that was really at his wit’s end is Scott McKeen, who regularly rides around on a Vespa moped. He’s been upset for years over noisy vehicles, especially motorcycles, in his area. McKeen’s campaign had gotten the city of Edmonton to monitor noise in decibel levels, and the city decided to enforce a noise ordinance.

“This feels like 10 years of trying to raise my voice about the din and it sounds like we’re maybe, finally, going to get some attention,” McKeen said. He also serves on the city council, and has talked about loud vehicles being a problem in Edmonton, saying that “It’s not just…redneck, pick-up truck Alberta where this is happening.” He’s been extremely vocal about the topic to the point where he’s rubbed some people the wrong way, even calling these motorists “slobs” at one juncture in a local newspaper.

Whether you agree with McKeen and his words or not, Edmontonians are going to have to quiet down their vehicles. Any vehicle that’s registered at over 85 decibels is now subject to a large fine of $250. If that seems like it’s not going to be easy to be above, remember that an air conditioner when you’re standing a few feet away from it is about the same noise. So if your car is running a little clunky, it might be best to get it fixed now before it really starts to cost you.