Edmonton Women Accused of Stealing Parking Fees

Parking is one of those things that none of us like to pay for, but pretty much all of us have to do it anyway. When you find out that some of the people that are taking your money are keeping it for personal gain, which can lead your car to be towed or ticketed. In Edmonton, cashiers that worked with Northlands were accused of stealing upwards of $1 million, and they aren’t happy with the accusations.

Nearly 20 of the parking cashiers that were let go by Northlands on accusations of theft are now suing the company, claiming that they were not only wrongfully terminated, but haven’t been able to find new jobs because of the allegations. In addition, these former employees are also suing for defamation.

“I’ve never stolen, they have no proof,” former Northlands supervisor Janet Roberts said. “I’ve never had to deal with this kind of crap before. All I want is the truth.” The company’s lawyer countered by saying that the terminated employees weren’t defamed, as the knowledge of their firings were only known on an internal basis. The names also weren’t sent in an internal email, they said.

“You get rejection letters from McDonald’s or Tim Hortons and you have years of experience in management and you can’t get a job,” Roberts says. “As soon as I put (Northlands) on my resume, bingo, guess who I am?” She added that “We want a verbal apology. I want my life back.” Now, the two are set for a lengthy civil case in court.