Police Help to Retrieve Wheelchair for Edmonton Woman

For those who are disabled, there are very few things that are more important than a wheelchair. They give you the ability to get around and live life normally, so it makes you wonder why someone would try to take that from someone. Especially when you consider the cost, when the average power wheelchair costs north of $7,000. Unfortunately, Edmonton native Jenna Hoff had to experience the pain of losing her wheelchair.

Hoff had been at Beaver Hill Park with her husband when she got out of her wheelchair for a brief period to stretch out, leaving the chair behind only momentarily. It didn’t take long for the chair to be stolen, though, as it was taken while she was nearby. Unable to walk, Hoff was in a panic. “People can relate to a bike being stolen, but this is so different,” Hoff said. “It would be like a person with normal mobility getting their legs stolen.”

The good news was that the police didn’t take long to respond, being flagged down by Hoff. One of the police officers sat with Hoff while he radioed to Edmonton Public Safety that the wheelchair was stolen. Hoff was astounded by the help she received from police, as well as strangers that took to the internet to ask for help in finding the wheelchair. The help of all of these people working together were able to find Hoff’s chair rather quickly.

On the same day in which the wheelchair was stolen, it was found in an alleyway and returned to Hoff after police checked for DNA to see if they could determine who stole it. The day after the return, police still checked on Hoff to see how she was holding up, and even gifted her with some Public Safety merchandise.

Hoff, who named her wheelchair Lucy, was overjoyed by the kindness and compassion that people showed her in her time of need. “When I told them they were my heroes and had my heartfelt gratitude for finding Lucy,” Hoff said. “They said that police all over the city were looking for her and that this was a story that just really touched them.”