Edmonton Man Creates Product to Combat Hockey Smell

If you’ve ever been around hockey players, you know that they don’t exactly smell the best after getting around on the ice. That distinct smell tends to linger around on hockey pads, which can stink up your entire house. If it’s up to one Edmonton man, though, that smell might be a thing of the past. This man is Alex von Hauff, the creator of the Portable Ozone Generator.

Known as the POG for short, von Hauff says that “Nobody likes being the stinky guy,” and that his product can eliminate odors in hockey bags by creating a molecule that eliminates odors. Not only that, but harmful bacteria and mold can also be eliminated by von Hauff’s POG system. According to the creator, it’s as simple as popping the POG in a hockey bag and zipping it closed.

This could come as a godsend for hockey families, especially in smaller homes where the bags have to be in closed quarters. Even professional teams are starting to use the POG system, as it could make its way to homes all around North America and everywhere else with hockey equipment. As an added bonus, von Hauff says the POG has also shown success in eliminating other odors (such as cigarette smoke), though its initial creation was for hockey.