You really have to be careful when it comes to interacting with a professional wrestler. A lot of the time, someone that plays a villain (or “heel” as it’s known in the business) might stick to their character even when not in the ring. In Edmonton, a WWE superstar stuck to her character, and got a lot of attention because of it.

Lacey Evans, a former member of the United States Marines and was actually born as Macey Evans, was pulled over in Edmonton by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Evans was traveling over the speed limit, which prompted the Mountie to pull her vehicle to the side of the road. Evans then recorded her interaction with the Mountie, which got a lot of online attention.

Evans posted the interaction to Twitter. During which, she said that “Canada is terrible,” adding that “You know exactly who I am,” and “You will be speaking to my lawyer.” It turns out that Evans was simply playing her heel character, and didn’t have any ill feelings about Canada. However, the speeding ticket that she received was very real.

Evans had set up the conversation after being pulled over for entertainment purposes. “They agreed that this is something that she would like and he obliged,” said Fraser Logan, a spokesman for the RCMP. “RCMP members, whenever they are out there in the community, they will definitely oblige any request from the public that they deem is appropriate.”

“I’m glad you were all entertained but if you ever try to honestly disrespect or put my brothers and sisters in blue in harm…I hope you get what you asked for,” Evans added.