“I Quit”: Albertan Teenager Goes Out With a Bang

Pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to work a job you hate. However, when it’s time to move on, social norms dictate that we shake hands, smile, and thank our employer “for the opportunity.” But when Jackson Racicot decided after more than 18 months at the Grande Prairie Walmart that he’d had enough, he decided to defy convention and make a statement. He posted a video to Facebook with the following caption: “How I quit my job today. Like, must watch. I also ran out a fire door. Y’all should share this around lol.” Over the store’s intercom system, 17-year-old Racicot made the following proclamation:

“Attention all shoppers, associates and management, I would like to say to all of you today that nobody should work here, ever.

“Our managers will make promises and never keep them, and not only that they will preach to us about how they care about their employees. But about a month ago my boss assistant manager, Cora, called me a ‘waste of time’ and management did nothing to help.

“Management will also try and save money every step of the way including cutting benefits of a full-time associate down to part-time even though he worked 40 plus hours a week.

“I have been a loyal employee here for over a year and a half and I’m sick of all the bull****, bogus write-ups and my job.

“**** management, **** this job and **** Walmart.”

At the time of writing, Racicot’s video has been viewed more than 675,000 times. Walmart has come under fire for employee relations in the past due to allegations of wage violations, poor working conditions, wrongful termination and more. In a statement, the corporation had this to say:

“We are aware of the video circulating online and are disappointed by this incident. Respect for all individuals including our associates and customers is a core value at Walmart. We are looking into this matter and will address it internally as required.”