Hidden Secret Found in Edmonton Murals

One of dozens of Kris Freisen's mural-art secret Conans, this one at Kitchener Park.

In recent years, Edmonton has seen an increase in the amount of murals that have gone up around the city thanks to artists such as Kris Friesen. Nearly three dozen murals have been painted by Friesen throughout Edmonton, and they all have one thing in common. However, it took years for anybody to notice the one glaring similarity.

Apparently, each mural that Friesen has painted in Edmonton contains the character Conan the Barbarian. From fighting in a war on a mural in one side of the city to eating a meal in another, Conan has been quite busy in Friesen’s murals. At first, he didn’t think anyone would spot Conan. “I realized I can put things in and probably no one would notice,” he said. “I though, ‘I should put in Conan! He’s literally 20 feet in the air, you’d have to get binoculars to see him.’”

With that, Friesen continued to put Conan in all of his murals, nervous at first that someone might catch on. After realizing that there wouldn’t exactly be negative consequences, he continued to place the Easter egg in each painting. After Edmontonians started to notice that Conan was the common factor, though, Friesen admitted to the character’s appearances in what’s been a fun search for anyone that’s seen Friesen’s murals. Next time you walk by one, you can play a game of trying to find Conan similar to the “Where’s Waldo?” series of books.