Something Brewing

Edmontonians love their beer. This is evident as more and more craft and micro breweries crop up across the city. Variety is always a good thing, and some of these local tipples are truly special. Yellowhead Brewery, self-professed “Pioneers of Prairie Beers,” got the ball rolling back in 2010, and since then things have only become more exiting for beer aficionados in our city.

You’ve got Blind Enthusiasm, the city’s newest brewery. Try their SPF 3.82, a full-bodied session-strength ale. And it’s easy to overlook the “DIY nanobrewery” Bent Stick, but to do so would be irresponsible: they make interesting beers with eccentric names like Wizard Device, TL;DR and Electric Booglaoo. If you haven’t found a new favourite by then, go with the veterans: Alley Kat has been a mainstay for over 20 years; they brew fruit beers like Aprikat (an apricot ale) and Main Squeeze (a grapefruit ale), as well as more traditional offerings like Full Moon—a pale ale.

Next time you’re thirsty, leave the Bud on the shelf and consider supporting one of these local businesses instead—they exemplify the passion and entrepreneurship that make our city great. Many micro and craft breweries give tours and tastings too—give your favourite a call to see if you can drop by for a visit!