The Transit Hotel in Edmonton had once been a bit of a landmark. After the hotel closed its doors, new operations took place within the building. Among them was a soup kitchen called The Gathering Place, but it appears that it might be no more.

NiGiNan Housing Ventures used some of the hotel’s space to run The Gathering Place soup kitchen. Not only did they give out free food, but they also offered other services such as hair cutting and phones. However, the city pulled the permit of the soup kitchen after an appeal was put forth by Fort Road Business and Community Association.

“We are deeply saddened to temporarily close down the Gathering Place,” said Carola Cunningham, the CEO of NiGiNan Housing Ventures. “It’s our goal to limit the disruption of these crucial services, especially with winter (coming).” The lawyer who represents the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board said that “The appeal by the Fort Road Business Association had nothing to do with the good work that The Gathering Place does in our community. It’s not about the programs they offer in the community. No one questions the value of their work in our community…The issue before the appeal was a very technical and legal issue.”