Edmonton Home Has Puppy Stolen by Thief, Returned by Police

There’s always that thought in the back of a lot of our minds about thieves and how we can protect our homes. There are a lot of valuables that many of us have that could be targeted by a potential thief. However, you probably don’t think of pets as being a target. One family in Edmonton ended up in that exact scenario, though.

Tianna Sachdeva is the owner of a Havanese puppy named Milo, and one night while she and the other owners were out of their home, they returned to find that the house had been broken into. Not only that, but Milo was stolen from his kennel. Sachdeva called the police right away to report the break-in, and also gave Milo’s description. Thankfully, it didn’t take long until Milo was spotted.

The woman that had broken into Sachdeva’s house was at an Edmonton hospital where the security staff had already been alerted about a break-in and received the description of the dog. With that, the hospital signaled the police to her whereabouts and where she was heading. When the thief arrived at a nearby mall, the police had picked her up, but not for the stolen dog. Instead, she was arrested for shoplifting, and was then found to have Milo, leading to even more charges.

With Milo in tow, the dog was returned to Sachdeva later that day. “The officer called and said he needed to speak with us,” she said. “We had no idea that he had located Milo until we saw him walking up the sidewalk with our puppy. We were all shocked and thrilled. I had to tell my mother to stop hugging Milo and crying so much, and to feed him. He looked pretty hungry.” Thankfully, the dog was unharmed and is now back in its happy home, while the thief was taken to jail.