Climate change, or global warming if you’re so inclined, has been one of the biggest hot button topics over the past several years. In North America, around three out of every four people believe that climate change exists, and more than half of people believe it should be acted upon immediately. However, only around five to seven percent believe that countries will actually initiate actions to combat climate change.

Many students in Edmonton are hoping that they can help to motivate governments to enact initiatives to stop climate change as part of a global protest. University of Alberta students joined other college students to go on strike for climate action, heading to the Alberta legislature. Many of these students were willing to miss class, and it’s not the first time that it’s happened in Edmonton.

The Global Climate Strike is the name of the movement, and hundreds of thousands of students across the world have joined in. “Even though we ourselves aren’t sick, the planet which we live on is, and we are protesting and fighting for it,” one protester said. “If politicians were taking the appropriate action we need and had been taking this action a long time ago when it was recognized the world was changing in a negative way, then I would not have to be skipping school,” added another.