Studio 99 Opens in Rogers

The next time you’re at Rogers Place for an Oilers game, complete the experience by dropping by Studio 99. The venue is an homage to The Great One himself: enjoy an unrivaled collection of Wayne Gretzky memorabilia and a menu inspired by his home-cooked favourites before, during or after the game. It’s been almost 20 years since he retired but the man’s name is still synonymous with high-level hockey, and for good reason: he holds 61 League records, among them the feat of scoring 50 goals in 39 games (which even Connor McDavid doubts will ever be beaten). Some of his other records include:

  • most career points (2,857)
  • most points in a season (215)
  • most consecutive MVP awards (7)

“It is a great honour to have this new space in Rogers Place representing my time with the Edmonton Oilers,” Gretzky commented about Studio 99. “I have so many great memories with my teammates and the fans in Edmonton were an integral part of those experiences. It is fantastic to have a space where they are now able to share in some of those moments and create new ones.”

The idea is for Studio 99 to become a part of your game-night ritual at Rogers. The place was packed the Thursday night it opened, and Gretzky himself was in attendance.