Edmonton might not come immediately to mind when you think of technology hubs, but there’s more than a little bit of Silicon Valley in our city. DeepMind, a Google subsidiary, built its first international research centre on Edmonton soil in 2017. The company has made impressive strides in the fields of machine learning, AI ethics and healthcare. Perhaps their crowning achievement is the creation of a computer program that defeated the Go world champion.

Outside of the private sector, the University of Alberta is a hotbed of research and technological advancement. The campus is home to one of the world’s most advanced nanotechnology research labs, as well as a machine learning and AI institute.

Tech is growing fast in our city, and Edmonton is earning a reputation as hub for innovation. Cutting-edge startups like Granify and Jobber call the city home, and there are tons of meetups between smart and interesting people on a regular basis. Startup Week occurs every October; it’s a five-day celebration of entrepreneurs—many of them in the tech space—that showcases innovation in our city.