Technology Helping to Advance Edmonton’s Music Scene

Musical instruments can be an expensive purchase for any household, and they can end up getting ignored if someone gets impatient while trying to learn. One Edmonton company is helping a new generation stay interested in music, though, and it’s thanks to technological advances. Giovanni’s Music and their manager Amadeus Peruch have said that they’ve embraced technology in music, and that it’s been “huge” for them.

Instead of spending thousands on a piano, Peruch says that newer hybrid-electric versions have knocked the cost down into the hundreds, helping music become more available to a wider range of people. Not only that, but he’s been showcasing how technology can make it seem like you’re performing in front of a real crowd with a computer hookup, and that the innovations are helping youngsters become more interested in the instruments rather than pure entertainment-based performances. From guitars and pianos to even ukuleles and accordions, the technological advances on musical instruments have become user-friendly and cost-effective.

Peruch also noted that more females are getting into instruments such as the guitar thanks to a recent wave of performers. Even those that have already started playing guitar are getting new bells and whistles to help them create unique sounds. Add it all up, and Peruch says that the Edmonton music scene is on the rise, and will likely be at the forefront of Canadian music for years to come.

“It seems like we’re just getting started,” he said. “What keeps us going are those people who are passionate about making music. Everybody likes music.”