Terminally Ill Edmonton Man Hopes to Extend Life to See Newborn

When you’re under 40 years old, cancer doesn’t tend to be on the forefront of your mind. Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, and 39 year old Chris Sargent of Edmonton discovered that in a tragic turn of events. While he was hiking, Sargent started to feel a pain in his stomach, but otherwise thought that he was in very good health. Thinking that it was a temporary problem, he went to the hospital and discovered a grim diagnosis.

Sargent had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his bile duct, and it had already gotten into stage four and spread across his body. Surgery wouldn’t be possible to remove the tumors in his body, making it an emotional time for Sargent and his wife Sofia. Then, things became even more emotional just a couple of days after receiving his diagnosis when it was discovered that Sofia was pregnant.

While the news of a new child would be a cause for celebration for most married couples, it’s been a mixed bag for Sargent. Already with one child, Sargent has focused what’s left of his time spent with those that are closest to him. The biggest goal that he wants to accomplish, though, is getting to see his newest child born before passing away from cancer.

In hopes of extending his life beyond his child’s birth, Sargent started to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Though it’s a painful process, Sargent says that it’s important to do anything possible to extend his life as far as he can. There is one benefit that Sargent had on his side, and it’s that he was in good shape before receiving his diagnosis, so he should be able to hold up with some help. Until then, every day is a blessing for Sargent. “I think about it now, in a practical way,” he said. “Each morning, I’m glad I woke up. I’m glad I’m here…All of our lives are precious and they could be short-lived. There’s a lot that we should be thankful for.”