Thrown-Away Puppy Finds New Home

It’s always a sad story when dogs get left behind in the wild by a family, and unfortunately it happens in Edmonton, too. At a local Costco store, a Shih Tzu mutt puppy was left in a parking lot, sadly inside of a garbage bag that had been placed in a box. Struggling to get out, the puppy didn’t seem like he was going to make it, and had begun to suffer from health problems.

Thankfully, some good samaritans were able to save the puppy in time, taking him to the Edmonton Humane Society. From there, he was cleaned up and given treatment until he was back to 100 percent. From there, the adorable puppy was in need of a forever home, and he found one after just a few weeks.

An Edmonton family adopted what the Humane Society called their “little warrior,” naming him Gus. The Humane Society was also happy to report that Gus has been “playful and cuddly” in his new home. “They can’t believe that he is such a happy boy considering what he’s been through,” they added. It could have been a tragic ending for Gus, but thanks to those that were willing to help, it’s a happy ending that the Humane Society hopes also ends with charges for those that mistreated Gus in the first place.