He’s not only the best player that the Edmonton Oilers have had in many years, but there are many who believe that Conor McDavid is the best player in the entire National Hockey League, and will remain that way for many years. McDavid has become extremely popular, and has been essentially adopted as Edmonton’s favorite person, despite growing up around Toronto. McDavid has participated in many Edmonton public events, and it turns out that helping to name police dogs is among his duties.

McDavid was on hand with the police chief and Edmonton Police Foundation (Dale McFee and Ashif Mawji, respectively) to tell the press that the newest recruit wasn’t named after himself, but another Oilers legend. The dog’s name was revealed to be Sammy, the nickname of the late Oilers player and commentator that put up 153 points in the NHL, spending a decade in Edmonton.

“We reached out to Connor and (girlfriend) Lauren, and they were thrilled,” Mawji said. “We see our EPS canines as protectors, defenders, enforcers, and those that look out for us, which is exactly what Dave did for our Oilers.” Mawji added that “Also, the EPS and Oilers have a great relationship, and it made sense to include them; we found it fitting.”

Sadly, Semenko passed away in 2017, so he wasn’t able to accept the recognition in person, but his family was in attendance. Semenko’s brother Brian revealed that McDavid played a part in landing on the name, and it was a big honor. “On behalf of the Semenko family, I would like to thank the Edmonton Police Service for choosing to name their newest PPSD recruit Sammy, in honour of David,” he said. “An enormous part of David’s life was being an Edmonton Oiler. From the age of 20, being a member of this team was something he loved deeply…I especially want to thank the Mawji family, Connor and Lauren, and the Foundation…Our family loved David, we miss him, and it’s very nice knowing he is still fondly remembered.”